Welcome to  Misr Fertilizers production co. mopco We focus  on the quality - Misr Fertilizers Production Company - MOPCO

Welcome to Misr Fertilizers production co. mopco We focus on the quality

MOPCO Together we grow - Misr Fertilizers Production Company - MOPCO

MOPCO Together we grow

MOPCO Turning dreams into reality - Misr Fertilizers Production Company - MOPCO

MOPCO Turning dreams into reality

Making better tomorrow - Misr Fertilizers Production Company - MOPCO

Making better tomorrow


Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO) is part of the Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry System in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1998. The company may be listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in September 2016.

MOPCO in brief


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Urea - Misr Fertilizers Production Company - MOPCO


Our Responsability


One of the most important factors that contributed to the success of the company is its realistic vision and strong mission based on solid institutional values. These are the main drivers behind all the company's operations and activities and represent the general frameworks of how to conduct its business.



Since its establishment, MOPCO has paid great attention to protecting the environment from pollution and has shown great commitment to comply with all applicable environmental and air pollution laws issued in this regard. In line with the Company's policy, which explicitly states that MOPCO believes that it is fully responsible for the safety and health of persons and the protection of the environment and that this responsibility adds high value to its customers, employees and all its shareholders. Protecting the environment and safeguarding the safety and health of employees and people who may be affected by industrial operations are also the core policy of MOPCO, which is supported by the company's management and the utmost attention. This policy leads the company and facilitates the conduct of all work in a manner that does not harm the human and does not harm the environment, and is the same that will lead to the completion of all work efficiently and safely and contribute to success and build a good reputation and honest as an environmentally friendly company. The Company's policy is implemented through the implementation of an integrated system for the management of occupational health and safety and environmental protection.


Based on the company's keenness towards occupational safety and health and environmental protection to be among the distinguished companies with a global reputation was keenness in the recent period and attention to hard work and sincere cooperation with teams from different departments in order to continue the company's eligibility for international certificates in the management systems of occupational health and protection Environment and overall quality and thanks to God was the interest in the past period also to build bridges of trust between the team of safety and environmental protection and all departments of the company and take various ways of encouraging employees to participate and concern for safety and protection Environment through encouraging awards that motivate employees to adhere to safety rules and instructions in their workplace and create a safe work environment and also focus on the completion of safety and emergency equipment and tasks of the company and developed to suit the development of our company and we made sure that this communication is effective in cooperation in conducting the highest means of risk control With production, maintenance and all other departments.

Renewal of Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems Certificate (OHSAS: 18001: 2007) to complement the excellence of workers in the occupational safety and health sector between similar companies and their keenness, dedication, loyalty and strong affiliation to their company, which pushed them to be their company in the ranks of international companies, comes the company to renew this certificate to confirm the achievement With the highest quality required for the safety of workers in the framework of an integrated system to manage everything related to occupational safety and health and secure work environment of the company and commitment to apply the methods of prevention and protection of the basic elements of production and provide a safe and healthy work environment free of accidents and Diseases that may threaten the lives of workers.

It also reflects the company's interest in various levels of occupational safety and health, maximizing the efficiency of its performance in securing the work environment and highlighting its ability in this area, through the establishment of effective controls to face risks consistent with the policy and objectives of occupational health and safety, and this is one of the most important achievements of the sector and the company in The last period.

All employees of MOBCO shall be subject to constant monitoring of their health and periodically to ensure that they are not exposed to occupational diseases.In this regard, the Department shall coordinate with the Medical Department for the periodic medical examination of workers exposed to any occupational diseases in accordance with the Unified Labor Law No. (12) of 2013 and its Executive Regulations. Operating in 2008 To date, no single case of occupational diseases has been recorded according to the measurements of the Labor Office and the Occupational Health Inspector. The company's commitment to manage its activities in a manner that improves the health of its employees and to pay damage to the company's employees, employees, contractors, visitors and the environment. To the surrounding.



MOPCO believes that Energy Efficiency is the lowest energy source of Energy and it is considered one of the most effective ways to increase profitability and reduce Global warming impact, and it could be considered as a sustainable improvement approach”

So MOPCO focuses its efforts significantly on optimizing its energy efficiency by applying a systematic energy management system approach which reflected Profit increase, Energy cost-saving, Reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions, minimize exposure to changing energy prices, supporting decision-making processes and increased energy Efficiency awareness among staff and greater participation.

Certificates and Awards:

In January 2017, MOPCO has been ISO 50001:2011 certified and our key success factors are strong top management commitment, and developing a dynamic cross-functional energy team and Integration of energy management topics in the daily production meetings.

MOPCO is the first fertilizer company and the 24th company in Egypt certified with ISO-50001, MOPCO was awarded Energy Insight Award Certificate in April 2018 from clean energy ministerial (CEM) as it is one of the 2018 Energy Management Leadership Awards, MOPCO Energy case study is published in the forum “CEM” for disseminating our experience in implementation of EnMS.

Now, MOPCO has one MSO National Expert Certificate, one EnMS National Expert Certificate certified by UNIDO and two CEM Certificates Certified by AEE.

In May 2019, MOPCO has awarded an appreciated Certificate from the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources during the 2nd energy efficiency conference as a result of decreasing energy consumption by implementing no and low-cost opportunities during 2018.


Marketing and Shipping


Misr Fertilizers Production Company is the largest granulated urea plant in Egypt and is the direct contribution of the petroleum sector in supporting the nitrogen fertilizer industry in the country. The company is given priority to meet the needs of the Ministry of Agriculture and land reclamation of urea packaged in 50 kg sacks bearing the trademark of MOBCO and not intended for sale. These quantities at a low price determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and is not authorized to trade except through agricultural associations determined by the Ministry of Agriculture for the company's presence in Damietta and the belief of communication With the surrounding community and maximizing its economic return, the company is given priority to meet the needs of Damietta Governorate. The company is ready to meet the requirements of the local free market at suitable prices and mechanisms.

Marketing - Misr Fertilizers Production Company - MOPCO
Shipping - Misr Fertilizers Production Company - MOPCO

Shipping ports

• MOPCO Located in Damietta at Northern coast of Egypt on the Mediterranean, Plants located near Damietta port “Main exporting port”•  MOPCO has the ability to load CONVENTIONAL VESSELS up to 52,000 MT in bulk & POLYPROPYLENE/ POLYETHYLENE 50 KGS – 500 KGS – 1 TON BAG FOR EXPORT using outsourced stevedoring company. • MOPCO has Urea storage capacity up to 200,000 MT inhouse and outsourced through the stevedoring co.• DOMISTCLY WE SUPORT LOCAL MARKET WITH UREA PACKED IN POLYETHYLENE 50 KGS BAGS & LIQUID AMMONIA.


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