MOPCO believes that Energy Efficiency is the lowest energy source of Energy and it is considered one of the most effective ways to increase profitability and reduce Global warming impact, and it could be considered as a sustainable improvement approach”

So MOPCO focuses its efforts significantly on optimizing its energy efficiency by applying a systematic energy management system approach which reflected Profit increase, Energy cost-saving, Reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions, minimize exposure to changing energy prices, supporting decision-making processes and increased energy Efficiency awareness among staff and greater participation.

Certificates and Awards:

In January 2017, MOPCO has been ISO 50001:2011 certified and our key success factors are strong top management commitment, and developing a dynamic cross-functional energy team and Integration of energy management topics in the daily production meetings.

MOPCO is the first fertilizer company and the 24th company in Egypt certified with ISO-50001, MOPCO was awarded Energy Insight Award Certificate in April 2018 from clean energy ministerial (CEM) as it is one of the 2018 Energy Management Leadership Awards, MOPCO Energy case study is published in the forum “CEM” for disseminating our experience in implementation of EnMS.

Now, MOPCO has one MSO National Expert Certificate, one EnMS National Expert Certificate certified by UNIDO and two CEM Certificates Certified by AEE.

In May 2019, MOPCO has awarded an appreciated Certificate from the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources during the 2nd energy efficiency conference as a result of decreasing energy consumption by implementing no and low-cost opportunities during 2018.