Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

I am pleased and honored to present to you the company's website, through which we aim to provide a closer look and better knowledge about our company and to open new horizons for communication and cooperation. .

MOPCO is one of the most important fertilizer companies in the Middle East, which was established in 1998. It is a success story with continuous hard work.

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and to develop our present, we must put a clear vision for our future .. Yesterday was the beginnings of one plant to produce urea, but today we have a complex Mopco fertilizer production, based on solid foundations applying the latest management systems in the management of systems and facilities, Looking forward not only to expand locally and regionally, but also look forward to global system, management and deployment.

The reason behind the success of the company is not only related to the management philosophy and vision and the quality of the products they offer, but also to work in the spirit of a single team serious and strong, which brings together all elements of success together, where we have one of the largest and best group of workers who represent the real value Today, we work in the language of the future.

Welcome to the pages of our website, and we welcome every idea, suggestion or observation that enriches our performance and development.

MOPCO in brief

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

Hesham Nour El Din